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The name's Andree

Hey! Hi! Hello! My name can be hard to pronounce, so sound it out with me... on-dray. My family calls me Dre, like Dr. Dre. Actually, you can call me Dre. I'm Florida grown, but currently call New Orleans home. 

I have a full-time job in hospital administration, but photography is what fuels my fire! Honestly, I only ever took photos of my adventures to new cities and tiny little mountain towns, but before I knew it my family members and friends were asking me to take their photos! It was then that I knew photographing people was what I loved most. Imma let you in on a little secret. You're a model, but you just don't know it yet and I'm gonna show you. Promise.

I feel my mission is to photograph love in action. I love love! I love your love! I want to be able to show you how incredible your love is! Ugh, Like the way your partner moves your hair out of your face or when your little babe needs an extra big hug. I LIVE for those moments.

Whether you want photos hiking to the top of a mountain, prancing around sandy beaches, or strolling down the streets of a city, I am your girl! I don't mind getting a little dirty. I want to capture what love means to you and your partner in your favorite place. I specialize in wedding, elopement, and lifestyle photography.

If you think we're the right fit, head to my contact page and let's do this thing!


"The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do." -Andy Warhol

Hit me up!

Ah! Ya made it!! Let's chat! I want to know more about YOU! Slide into my gmail by filling out the contact form below and let me know what you're looking for and what's your budget! I know we can work something out :)

I'm based in New Orleans, LA but I LOVE to travel and explore new places! 


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